North Florida UMAP Mini Conference

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North Florida Friends! Come join us in Tallahassee for a "mini conference" presented by UMAP on August 9th!
Topics include:
Music Therapy
Special Events
Networking time
In-service & CEUs available!

Download "North FL UMAP Mini Conference.pdf"

Save the Date for "EMBRACE GRACE"

Plan NOW to attend the 2018 UMAP Conference!
February 23-24, 2018

Save the Date for "EMBRACE GRACE"

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to:  Uplift     Mentor     Advocate/Accredit     Pray

Our Mission:  Equipping Early Childhood Education programs to provide quality Christian learning environments.

Contact us!

UMAP has a new address:
UMAP    P O Box 07506    Fort Myers, FL 33919

You can call us at 1-850-888-UMAP (8627)

Showing the way in Christian early childhood education.

To witness to children through the love of Jesus Christ.

To connect and support Christian Education within
United Methodist Early Childhood Programs.

To actively plan and implement personal spiritual growth
and mutual support among our members.

To set up and maintain high educational and ethical standards
for the membership.

To encourage United Methodist Early Childhood Programs
to become members of UMAP.

To create and maintain pleasant and cooperative relations
among our members.

To promote the highest possible image to the public for our members.

To foster pleasant and cooperative relations
with other Christian schools and educational institutions.

To work towards desirable legislation for protection of the children
and the elevation of standards through the programs.